Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just a little color change...

One morning...
while cruising through Pinterest
(which is easy to fall victim too and the morning is gone before you know it)
I saw this lovely piece.

I had to try this color combination right away! 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Scandinavian Pink + Graphite

I also found this cool little dresser on Pinterest, 
and loved the graduated colors on the drawers.
So I thought
 I have to put the two together!

While shopping with my friend Linda,
we happened to find this really sturdy 1958 dresser 
at our local consignments shop for $40, 
the perfect piece to try out my new inspirations
and teach Linda the beauty of Chalk Paint.

Though the color doesn't show well in these photos,
it soon became my favorite piece.

not everyone loved this color combo as much as I did!
Or maybe my inspiration piece was so beautifully majestic it just didn't 
translate well onto our clean lined dresser.

Long story short...
it hasn't sold!

After showing it several times in both my shops,
bringing it home to repaint on a few occasions 
and then not being able to go through with it...

I finally repainted it yesterday

I kept the Graphite and used French Linen & Duck Egg Blue 
to change it up a bit.

I also changed the Royal Design Scroll All Over stencil
to their Springtime in Paris
(always a big seller on furniture)
and voila...

...a whole new (old) dresser!

Little bits of Scandie Pink show through, 
though with the Duck Egg Blue,
it's a classic vintage color combination.

 This one heads off to Leaping Lotus later this morning...
hopefully it will find a home this time!


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