Monday, July 22, 2013

A favorite garage sale find...

Months ago 
I came across two vessel sinks at a garage sale
brand new
still in the box with the hardware included...
$20 each!

Of course I had to buy them...
didn't need them 
they didn't fit my vintage master bath decor
I'm not even into Koi fish...
but they were such a good deal I HAD to buy them.

I thought maybe they would make a nice fountain 
on my patio, once I got around to rigging one up!
I then found them on for $126. 
I felt pretty good about my garage sale purchase!

And then I forgot I had them in storage... 
though coincidentally came across them 
right when I was having plumbing done in my master bathroom.

Now that they're installed
I'm LOVING them!
I have the tile back splash to do yet
clear out some of my vintage lovelies
for a bit more of a spa/zen look...
and draw a nice bubbly bath and take it all in.

I so enjoy my little sanctuary

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