Sunday, August 4, 2013

MIA for good reasons...

I know I haven't been front and center lately...
not blogging, barely Face Booking...somewhat of a low profile...

...I've just been busy painting and doin' my thing.
Here's a few before and afters to show what I've been up to.

This 8 drawer dresser is in my space at Leaping Lotus

Before                                                 After     

A pretty lingerie dresser 

I fell in love with the toile fabric on this dressing table

I bought this piece many years ago for $20.
and it sat in my house in various rooms
for a really long, useful time.

Time for a little face lift...

it sold shortly after putting it in Leaping I  miss it!

More to come, 
though I'm happy to say it feels good to slow down a bit, 
post when the mood is there, 
enjoy the time it frees me up from sitting in front of the computer,
and do more of what I really enjoy...
painting, creating, chatting, sipping coffee...
it's so good.


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