Sunday, September 8, 2013

More on china...

The usual plate spinning routine...

can only mean broken pieces!

Sometimes that's a very good thing Martha!

My last post was about the love of china,
you can read all about it here.

This post...
broken china!

A few ideas on what to do with it
before you pull out the dustpan and garbage bin.

if you don't have any broken china and aren't up for smashing up the good stuff
check out JemmDee on Etsy.
They have groups of special little pieces
already for you to work with.
Thrift stores, garage sales even Grandma's attic
are more great resources.

Now you have the broken pieces...
where to start?

Maybe your feeling adventurous and want to work on a piece of furniture...

...or something a little smaller to get your grout goin' on.

(don't forget to use cups too)

Or even smaller to get the feel of it.

I found all these ideas on Pinterest...where else!
There were so many ideas I got tired of pinning...imagine that!

See more china mosaics here on 

Check out more DIY mosaic ideas and how to's
on the HGTV Share My Craft page

Now go break a few plates...cups + saucers too
pick up the pieces
create your masterpiece!


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