Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Something about those china plates?

I enjoy... 
looking at the designs and patterns on
china plates 
as much as I do a lovely vintage hanky.

Just like this gorgeous collection.

I'm always looking for ideas on what to do with them, 
as if just being pretty weren't enough!

Start a collection and show off your china plates.

Build a mixed pattern, tiered dessert dish.

Make hooks on the wall with your plates.

How about garden art?

A pretty wall clock.

Paint a lamp shade to match your china collection.

Paint a background to work with a collection of china on the wall.

Make jewelry from pieces of your plates.

 China plates don't always have to look romantic and vintage.  
How about these displays of contemporary table ware?
Keep it simple, keep it clean.

We should bring out the good china every day...
it'll make you feel special...
I promise!



  1. Denise, these are such wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Thank you Judy...I can't (don't) seem to resist a pretty plate! Always looking for clever thing to do with them. I especially loved the bird plates and painted background.


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