Friday, October 18, 2013

Horsing around with Chalk Paint...

I was invited to paint at a beautiful country cottage on
Palomar Mountain
the last two days by my client
(and lovely assistant)
(and all her furry friends).

Here is a shot of Jana's charming mountain cottage
that she's been working on filling with vintage finds
and pieces that make her heart sing
and add a beautiful energy to her

That's where I come in to lend a painted hand.

I woke up yesterday morning at the cottage
 to this lovely scene 
while still laying in bed.

Time to get up and out to the workspace set up for 
painting in the garage.

Did I here a whinny?

Yep... right outside the front picket fence were
six beautiful horses
munching away at their alfalfa breakfast.

I'm guessing they were as curious about what we were up to in the garage
as I was with having six horses in the front yard!
So...they had to peek in.

 Sometimes even taking part in the painting process!

In spite of the wonderful equine distraction...
we got so much painted in the two days we
spent in that garage!

Here are a few pieces
of the dozen that we worked on.

Our goal was to complete the dining room furniture...
2 piece buffet cabinet
four chairs
dining table

This buffet cabinet will look so pretty once it's put back together.

Four chairs fresh and pretty
in Duck Egg Blue
Chalk Paint
with check fabric that also has
a touch of the blue in it. 

The table top was far too nice to paint over
(just needed a little sanding and a fresh top coat)
and we needed a little wood to balance out
all the painting we were doing!

The buffet cabinet will live on the wall
behind the table and chairs in this photo.

We did get a lot done,
 while working on future design ideas in-between.

I'll be back I waved... 
as this guy showed me out of the gate!


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