Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A quick transformation...

This pretty little chair
(I love the fabric)
was purchased and provided to me by one of my clients. 

 Pretty as it was...
she wanted it to fit into her office decor,
so she brought fabric to change it out to.

  So...I turned it on it's back and started taking it apart...

 ...staple by staple, 
there were so many!

Several coats of Chalk Paint
Duck Egg Blue
(a favorite of this painter)

Customer fabric added
along with upholstery webbing as a back.
I also cut 1 1/2" off each leg and added swiveling wheels...
did I mention it's an office chair?

Just enough fabric left over for me to make 
two decorator pillow as a surprise
for my client.

She's picking it up tonight.



  1. Replies
    1. thank you Carole...I just got back from two days with Jana on the mountain! BEautiful...and we got alot painted!

  2. Love it Denise! Perfect match of casual & sophistication.

    1. Thanks Jill...it was a fun & challenging project to work on...and we both ended up happy :)


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