Monday, March 31, 2014

Update on a desk...

This poor little darling...
was headed to the trash bin at a thrift store.

Just in the nick of time my friend Carol showed up 
and it was given to her.
She in turned passed it on to me...
Thank you Carol

I think  maybe it had a leather top 
and a back cubby that was missing, 
with all the nooks for letters and desk supplies.

No worries...
I just had a new top cut to cover up her past,
and head her onto her new life.

She took a little cleaning up and sanding,
and two coats of primer to keep 
the wood tannins from seeping through.

Look at her now!
After mixing a few left over colors of chalk paint,
a lovely grayish green, 
accented with Old White.

This chair was looking for a partner,
so was the chair pad I found at a favorite consignment store.
 It just needed a little color to the top of the desk
to bring the three together...
this Royal Design Stencil is another favorite,
it gets used a lot!

Adding a little of the grey & blue to the
drawer pulls and she is a done deal!

She is headed off to Cerro Home's 
new and improved larger space at Urban Barn,
fitting in very nicely I imagine.

Enjoy your week...


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    1. Thank you Cinde...I love a transformation, especially when it's a piece headed to the dumpster!


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