Saturday, January 14, 2017

Collage Workshop

A Creative Escape

As you now know, my daily creative practice for 2017 is the 2D counterpart to assemblage: collage.

I recently had the great fortune to take part in a collage workshop at the  

The view and the Art House at the California Center for Creative Renewal.
The view and the Art House at the California Center for Creative Renewal.

The setting for this creative sanctuary is breathtaking.

Here's the description from their website

 "The Center’s 1.5 acres include a fully-equipped Craftsman-style art studio and relaxed, informal meeting spaces, meadows of flowers and scented shrubs, a fruit orchard, a garden labyrinth, and a short canyon walking trail. 
Native and exotic plants flourish along meandering paths. 
Meditation benches provide privacy for reflection and expansive views of Southern California’s coastal hills.”

It's a perfect setting to let go of your everyday worries for a while and let your creative spirit wander.

Many magazine pages ready to cut and create
The teacher/guide was Ellen Speert, art therapist and founder of the Center. 

The collage workshop was about intuitively creating 5 x 7 collage cards that speak personally to the artist… cards that can then be saved and used for inspiration. 

"Slow Down" collage with man and clocks
He says..."Slow Down"

The process required participants to answer questions with visual associations. 
The results were meaningful collages that will serve as powerful affirmations for me in the weeks, maybe years ahead.

"Getting Out Into Nature" collage with ocean, flowers, and bees
"Getting Out Into Nature"

Going out of our comfort zone to try something new can lead to creative breakthroughs, 
or new ways of seeing. 

"Don't follow the herd" collage with sheep and eyes
Eyes say..."look past and don't follow the herd."

The California Center For Creative Renewal has workshops every month. 
The one in March will be Altered BooksI’m excited to try it!

What can you do to push yourself creatively this year? 

Try one thing that you haven't done before.

Illustration of the Art House at the California Center for Creative Renewal

 Check out the California Center for Creative Renewal for great workshops to help you get started.
Share your experience in the comments!

Happy creating!


  1. Brilliant, Denise! So much inner connectivity going on here.. I love what you did. xoxo

    1. Thank you Carole...It was such a fun day and the place is so beautiful. I am so loving collage and really touches me in so many ways on so many levels. Thank you for appreciating it!

  2. Hi Denise-
    I follow you on IG and really enjoy your work. I do similar collages using boxes, but got stunted when an artist friend told me that I shouldn't use cardboard boxes. She said using a more permanent base like wood or metal would make me consider my choices more. Instead it just stopped me cold! So, seeing your fanstastic eye candy use of boxes really helped me see/imagine how to elevate the ordinary. Thank you for sharing this. I'm also following Amy @studiofourcorners and appreciate seeing your process and hers as I navigate discovering my inner artist. ❤🐝 @jeanninebee9 IG

    1. Hi Jeannine...of course I recognize you from IG, I've had fun chatting with you there. I know what you mean about boxes, my sister sent me an article about archival materials for collage and assemblage. Actually, there are so many materials that are not archival and will magazine pages. I also watch YouTube videos with Greg Hanson (great assemblage artist, check him out here and that's where I got the idea to use boxes. I guess bottom line is...I'm pretty sure at this point I'm not going to end up in a museum...and even if I did, I have to enjoy what I'm doing and experimenting with now. Please don't let anything stunt with it's all a learning process. See you later on IG...have a happy Sunday!


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