Saturday, January 21, 2017

What do you do with…

… all those empty boxes?
Tiny Box Assemblage!

I've started using my old iPhone boxes for assemblage art!

Assortment of assemblage art made of iPhone boxes

I kept several of these great little boxes over the years. 
I didn't know what I was saving them for, but I knew they would be handy someday.

Assortment of iPhone boxes to be made into assemblage art

They are small, sturdy, and deep. Perfect for a little freestanding assemblage.

The best part: they have built-in nooks and crannies ready to be filled with little curiosities.

iPhone box empty, and covered with decorative paper

First I wrap them in decorative paper to cover up the existing labels. 

The entire box is covered, back and sides included. 
I add my stamped metal Cerro signature tag on the back. 

Sides and backs of boxes are covered

Both the bottom half and the lids of iPhone boxes can reused, 
so I can make two assemblages out of each box.

Both bottoms and lids of iPhone boxes can be reused

As a bonus, they come with a ready-made ledge to inset a glass cover. 
Those clever Apple tech folks must have designed them with this in mind! 
It couldn't be more perfect.

Empty iPhone box showing ledge for glass frontiPhone box assemblage with glass front

(Left) the shallow ledge around the inside lip of the box is the perfect depth to inset a small pane of glass. (Right) the completed assemblage piece with glass cover.

"Her New Slippers" assemblage
Her New Slippers

"Her New Slippers" assemblage top
(Her New Slippers top view)

Save The Animals

"Save the Animals" assemblage
(Save The Animals top view)

"Youth and Childhood" assemblage
Youth And Childhood

Assortment of assemblage art made of iPhone boxes

These iPhone box assemblages and more are available to purchase in my 
Etsy shop.

What have you been collecting in your closet, saving them up for a rainy day? 
Can those collected objects be used for something creative? 

Tell me how, in the comments!

See you right here next Saturday!


  1. I love these.. they have elements from memory and a freshness of today! You're the master of time and space! xoxo

    1. Thank you Carole for your Monday morning always have the perfect words of encouragement!


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