Saturday, March 11, 2017

Art Journal = Art Journey

Keeping my resolution, in my own way.

Back at the beginning of the year, I took on the challenge of starting an art journal by making a collage every day of the year. 
(See my original post from January 7th here.)

My New Day collage in progress

I’m proud to say I have kept up with my goal. 
However, it has not turned out the way I expected!

I originally thought I would be making a paper collage for each day and end up with a book or collection at the end of the year.

Chapters Of Life
Making a commitment to do any one thing every single day for a whole year, you are bound to see some changes take place. My paper collages have sometimes turned into mixed-media pieces, small assemblages, shadow-boxes, or Altoid tin dioramas.  

Altoid tin dioramas
Altoid Tin Assemblages: The Nun and The Queen
I've started adding beaded chains as hangers. They're easier, and then the piece doesn't have to be framed, freeing me up to move on to the next piece.

"Red Lipstick" collage
Red Lipstick

Now it’s more like “art every day,” rather than “collage a day,” as my process has morphed and evolved. 

collage of nest and birds

The point of the exercise was for each day to present an opportunity for experimentation. 
True to that spirit, I have let the art tell me where it needs to go. 

"Fly" assemblage
Rigidly sticking to my guns and forcing a traditional collage every day might have gotten me stuck in a creative rut. By being flexible, I have been creatively productive, and tried something new every day.

"Haunting Eyes" collage
Haunting Eyes
These new works are all examples of where this journey has taken me, 
sometimes to unexpected places. 
"Nature" assemblage

collage with spoon and rosescollage with crown and pearls

All of these mixed-media pieces are available on Etsy.
Come visit my shop to see how this journey is unfolding!

Thank you for coming along for the ride!

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