Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dining Room Re-do

Hello Chalk Paint, My Old Friend…

A lot of my painting jobs involve re-inventing old furniture, and chalk paint is one of my favorite ways to do it.

Chalk painted table leg

Curated Home and Lifestyle commissioned me to do this furniture makeover to freshen up a dining room.
All it took was a couple coats of chalk paint to completely transform the look!

The dining room furniture was left in the house from the previous owner: very formal, dark wood, Tuscan style decor. A new young family purchased the home and wanted to give it a younger, updated look. 

Unpainted table and mirror

New upholstered chairs and window coverings have been purchased from Curated Home (not shown here) to replace the other existing elements. I was hired to paint the large dining room table and mirror to bring them in line with the new decor.

Sanding the table top

I always start with a light sanding of any surface that has an extra shine to it as this table top did… this gives the paint something to grab onto. Chalk paint grabs better than latex paint, dries hard and durable, and does not peel or chip. So it isn’t necessary to strip the finish off the wood to get the paint to stick. All it takes is a light sanding, which makes my job easier and leaves more time for the fun part!

American Paint Co. cans

American Paint Co. color chart

Curated Home is my local stockist for American Paint Company chalk paints.

 I painted the table using two colors: Freedom Road, and Smoke Signal, layering the two shades of gray. The mirror was painted with just Freedom Road, the darker shade. 

Finished mirror frame
First coat of paint on the table

Brushing on the first coat of chalk paint

I brush on the color in quick, random, brushstrokes, creating texture with my brush.

After the first coat dried, the table got a second coat in the lighter grey called Smoke Signal. 

I apply the paint in broad, loose, imperfect strokes, so that the paint has a rich texture, and glimpses of the first layer show through any gaps or thin areas. It’s this pairing and layering of colors that give my painted furniture a well-worn vintage feel. 

Close-up of paint texture

Once both layers of color were dry, I lightly sanded out any little bumps in the finish and sanded the edges of the table randomly to give it an aged worn feel.  I then coated both the table and mirror frame with the clear American Paint wax for protection.  
On the table I also added the dark vintage antiquing wax to edges and details to create warmth and age to the piece.

Painted table edge

Once Wendy and her design team at Curated Home get the new chairs and fixtures in, this dining room transformation will be complete, creating a
 more relaxed, brighter, easier to live in space.

Completed table and mirror

If you've never tried using chalk paint, Curated Home offers chalk paint classes, 
taught by yours truly! 

Come paint with us, and see how fun and easy it is to give your tired furnishings a face lift.

Just a little paint can make a huge difference. 
I love being able to transform a space, play with paint, and make my clients happy, all in a day!

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  1. I love this project and have some tired furniture that can use refreshing! When is your next class in chalk painting?

    1. Thanks Jill...I'll let you know when they plan the next class, they're pretty random with them. Or we could all get together and do a class of our own. I'd be happy to share tips and secrets of chalk painting....and paint a piece of furniture while we're at it!


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