Saturday, July 1, 2017

70-day Challenge, Part 2

Half time check-in…

Remember that 70-day Van Gogh art challenge I started back in May?

Well, I’m 38 days in, and going strong! Here’s an update on my progress.

#31 Stick assemblage
#31 "Stick" (assemblage)

The challenge is to make a piece of art each day, inspired by the daily one-word prompts provided by the host, Kelly Hoernig.

Assortment of pieces from the 70 day challenge

My take-aways so far:

1. I’m definitely glad I chose to work small. These tiny collages are a snap, which keeps it fun instead of becoming a chore.

2. Not being locked into doing the same thing for each one, really opens up the possibilities and frees up my imagination. It’s so much fun when there are no expectations… anything goes!

Assortment of pieces from the 70 day challenge

3. I’m finding myself really stretching beyond my normal approach. Doing the same art every day for 70 days gets old really fast, so you have no choice but to get more creative. 
I’ve been experimenting with different materials and techniques.
Who knows, these new methods could find their way into my assemblages or even my commission work.

#37 Love assemblage
#37 "Love" (assemblage)
Here are the first 38 prompts, in order:
circle, brush, yellow, cup, heart, salt, create, neutral, house, square, feather, pencil, purple, pot, stamp, soft, wish, white, door, line, wing, crayon, aqua, chair, flower, stitches, delightful, brown, wind, light, stick, paint, green, jar, doll, shadow, love, cream. 

First 38 pieces for the 70 day challenge

three mini collages
#24,# 25, #26 (oil pastel, magazine collage, needle and thread) 

#27 Delightful mini collage
#27 "Delightful" (collage)

#28 Brown mini assemblage
#28 "Brown" (collage)

#25 Flower mini oil painting
#25 "Flower" (oil painting)

#36 Shadow mini painting of a sphere
#36 "Shadow" (acrylic paint)

Assortment of pieces from the 70 day challenge

 It's amazing how much progress you can make by doing just a little bit each day.
This 70-day challenge has been such a great way to revitalize my daily art practice! 

Onward to number 39!

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