Saturday, March 16, 2019

Letting Go!

Letting go...
the road often traveled with paintings...
and sometimes the hardest thing to do! 

 Sometimes we have such high hopes when laying down colors onto a canvas.

We pull out all our favorite papers (if you're into mixed media) and paints 
and start laying them down and layering them up...
only to realize it's just not working.

For me...I let it rest a bit, come back and take a look at what I like, what's making
me happy on my canvas.  Once I've determined that...
I cover up the rest and knock it way back.

This piece turned out completely different than my original plan.
I'm not sure I'm done with it, but it's headed in the right direction...we'll see.

If your interested in letting go of what's not working on a painting, and how I let it go...
hop on over to the YouTube post I did on this very painting this week...

You can link to it here...


  1. Oh this makes me very happy to see! I was just trying to take up my painting again (as opposed to always doing collage) and I got so discouraged at what I created. I see now that I have to do as you say and let go of what I thought I was going to create and keep going to see what I am actually creating! Brilliant. Thanks for your generosity in these informative posts.

    1. Jeanne...I know it can be so frustrating at times! I try to put a positive spin on it and only look at what I like...and keep that...the rest has to become part of the layers. I'm so glad this might work for you too. I love sharing my ah ha's! Enjoy!


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