Sunday, June 16, 2019

Black and White...

Being reminded of an old trick...
looking at your art through a black and white lenses.

Sometimes the obvious is right in front of you...or just a click away.  Taking a piece of art, whether it be painting, photography, realistic or abstract...and seeing the less complicated version in black and white without the distraction of color.  You're able to look at the stronger design elements and their placement in a piece...seeing them clearly, without the distraction of color is an eye opener.

I just learned, or was reminded, of this valuable lesson and immediately went to photos on my computer to take a look and see how I was doing.  All in all...I see a few adjustments here and there, but mostly pretty happy with my stronger design elements and where they are in each piece...and how the quieter, mid tone elements help the eye move around the canvas.  

Mostly its the black or dark colors that are my stronger design elements that catch the eye and draw you in to see what else is going on.

Once I have the design down...the colors are the next element to work on...but for now its the black and white I'm looking to for suggestions on what needs to change to make it a more compelling piece of art.


I'll be sure to use this method in pieces I work on in the future and just wanted to share it in case anyone else wants to give it a go...or needs a little reminder to go to the
Black & White.

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