Sunday, September 1, 2019

New art digs...

New Artist Art On 30th.

I've been very fortunate to have my artists studio not only in my home...and my right hand man gave me the freedom to take over our larger living room and make it my working studio for the last several years...major gratitude for that!

Although I will rarely looks this orderly!

I've been playing with the idea for awhile to get my own studio space at Art On 30th and join the 15 working artists who studio there.  I've ventured to look at a few studios as they became available and hesitated long enough for someone else to slip in and rent them while I was still pondering the idea...and then regretting my hesitation.

This week, as soon as I heard my friend and fellow artist Dawn Kureshy was making a move from studio 6 to studio 4, I quietly went upstairs to check out what she was up to and take a look at studio 6.  Dawn was one of the first studio artists I met when I first showed up at Art On 30th...and I remember thinking how wonderful her space was and how lucky to be part of the art community there.

Speeding forward almost a year and a half later...I am so happy and fortunate to be part of this artist community.  I take classes here, I teach here, I'm part of the mentor program with Kate Ashton here...not to mention the wonderful artist on all levels that surround us here...the next step was naturally to have a studio here...and I jumped on it this time!

I'll be moving into Dawn Kureshy's studio #6 when she moves into the larger studio #4 on October 1st. I won't actually be ready to move in until mid October due to earlier commitments, but I'll be all moved in just in time for the national "In Gold We Trust" artists reception on October 19th at Ashton Gallery.

Here are a few shots of studio #6 while Dawn is preparing to move out. 
We are both pretty excited about our moves...
now its the hurry up and wait game!

More to be shared when I'm all set up and painting in October.

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