Saturday, August 24, 2019

Start to Finish

Getting ready for the National Show
Ashton Gallery
"In Gold We Trust"

Every year, as their final show, Ashton Gallery hosts a national art show that is pretty exciting, especially if you have a piece of art that's juried in!   Last year I was lucky enough to get a piece in and I'm hoping to get a repeat of that this year...fingers and brushes crossed!

The show is titled "In Gold We Trust" and anything gold in color or metallic, 2 and 3 dimensional art is eligible.  If you're interested in entering the call to artists, click the link below and get the dates and details.

I dug this photo (below) out of my inspiration pile 
and wondered how it would work for gold.

Turns worked great!  I enjoyed working on it and loving how it turned out.

Let me take you through my process...

After settling on my inspiration piece, I played with it in a few apps to make it my own.
I used the YouDoodle app to manipulate placement and colors 
to give me something to work from.

Activating my canvas by layering on papers to create 
an under painting onto a 36" x 48" canvas.

Then comes layers and layers of paint colors applied with my color shaper, 
letting some of the papers below peek through, 
adding handmade paper with leaves over that and more paint layering.

Once I got paper & paint where I wanted it,
 I added in gold leaf as details on my plates and silverware. 

Then it was a going back and forth on the details of the large lemon in the center.  
Yes it's certainly oversized...but it works for me!

Below is where it settled.  
I fussed with  the final details, 
though pleased with the added sketch of the lemon slice in the top center...
it filled the space without taking over.

A few of my favorite details in this piece are the silverware with gold and silver leaf.

The large stencil of a French poem added into the background.

“Oh time suspends your flight, and your favorable hours suspend your course! Let us savor the fleeting  delights, the most beautiful of our days!”

And then another favorite app, ArtRooms, to show it off in a room setting.
Keeping my fingers crossed that it gets selected!

I think I'll title this one...
"Let Us Savor The Fleeting  Delights"

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