Saturday, November 23, 2019

Citrasolv & NatGeo Papers

More Paper Making

Seems I've posted these little guys excuse the repeat.
Though it's been awhile and time for me to do another YouTube video for my channel... I thought I'd share and do a little paper tutorial.

One of my favorite papers to use are the ones you can make from these two ingredients...


It's pretty quick and easy to make these papers as long as you use the right 
stuff and are patient enough to wait for the results...
which actually come up pretty quickly.

Let me show you how...

These are some of the quick little pieces (4x4) I do so I can have affordable, 
easy to pick up pieces of art in my studio and at art fairs...
everyone can purchase and leave with a piece of original art.

And you can do so much more!

A quick Google of this technique and I found so many artist doing really cool
art with these papers.

she collages some pretty amazing pieces with these papers.

Hope you are as inspired as I am to make more of my NatGeo papers...
now that I see what more can be done!

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