Sunday, June 3, 2012

In love again?

I know you hear that from me alot...
but this time it's for real...

I'm crazy about this dresser.
I found it in the shop of another vintage dealer
and not only got the dresser
the shop owner is now a friend...

It just doesn't get any prettier than this, 
and it's all decoupaged!
That's right, 
hand cut & glued on to this gorgeous orange base.

 The detail goes on and on
with bamboo edging over the entire piece
not to mention little cut out butterflies scattered around the flowers.

Even the drawers are completely lined in paper!
Love that kind of detail.

It took some extra work though
 getting it ready for 
Cerro Home.
I completely scrubbed it down
(several times)
with Vodka!
The best disinfectant that doesn't leave any
residue or smell and gets out the must.
Then I rebuilt some of the inside drawer slides,
repaired all the torn paper edges,
finished it off with a coat of wax.
I want it for my own!

Though, sadly there's no room.
So for now its at my shop in Leaping Lotus... 
I haven't given up on making room for it at home
if it doesn't sell before then!

Its also made me think about taking on a decoupage project of my own.

Could be fun, albeit very time consuming!  Finding floral patterns (any pattern really) online, wall papers, scrap booking paper is the easy part.  The time to meticulously cut out the pattern may be a little more challenging...though I'm guessing worth every minute of it.  Not to mention the reflective, meditative part of becoming one with a piece of furniture.

I went to  
and found these as well as many patterns and photos 
I might be interested in trying.

So...get out the 
and give it a go!


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  1. So Blessed that we met~
    You are such an Inspiration!


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